Payroll (PAYE)

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Payroll is a crucial factor of financial accounting, however, it imposes a lot of record keeping. And as a business in the UK, legally complying with the complex maze of payroll legislation and directives is a necessity.

 Administrative duties become tedious and time-consuming in any firm. Thus, regardless of your business type and your sales per annum, outsourcing a payroll program to payroll companies due to its complicated nature is optimal for the efficiency of the business.  Our team of professional accountants and tax advisors have the knowledge and experience to assist you collate your employees’ information, carrying out the accurate computation of pay.

Not only does this help save money but also the time that can duly be invested in other business activities. You can also select either our gold, silver or bronze payroll service at a fixed price.

A few of our services include:

Employer alignment submissions and employment payment summaries.
Weekly or monthly processing payments by bank transfer or cheque.
Advising of monthly PAYE and national insurance liabilities and remittances
Estimate gross wages of individual employees after each day’s work; calculate payroll taxes.
Year-end reports (P35s/P60s)
Advising on personnel issues such as redundancy and termination of employment.
Family credit, student loans, statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay.
Guidance on the latest EU legislative advice covering minimum wage, paternity leave etc.


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